Lessons 11 to 19 allowed you to meet the conditional mood. Let’s have a quick look on what you’ve learnt about this mood.

1. The conditional mood is easy to form : you take the same stem you use at the future tense then you add the imparfait endings. That’s it : you can now conjugate every verb you want at the conditional mood.

2. There is also a past conditional in French : le conditionnel passé. It is also really easy to form : you put the auxiliary être ou avoir at the present conditional mood then you add the past participle of the main verb. That’s it : you can now conjugate every verb you want at the past conditional.

3. The conditional mood has different uses :

- We use it to express a wish or when we want to be polite (the conditional mood is useful to weaken the expression of a request, of a desire).
J’aimerais aller à Paris cet été.
Pourriez-vous me donner un verre d’eau ?
Je voudrais un verre de vin.

- We use it to suggest or to recommend something to someone.
Tu devrais vider les cartons, cela m’aiderait.

- We use it to express a possibility or to tell something we are not sure about :
Un appartement serait libre près de la Tour Eiffel.

- Then, we use it in si clauses in conjunction with the imparfait tense.
Si tu venais me voir, je serais très heureuse.

In these lessons you also met other numbers and you can now count to a million if you want to ! We saw together some useful adverbs such as assez, trop, tout, plutôt. We spoke about the pronoun . And of course you learnt some new vocabulary and heard about French civilization.

In the next ten lessons we will discover the subjunctive mood and some other useful stuff !
Translate in English :
1. Il aimerait un verre de jus d’orange.
2. S’ils recevaient un cadeau, les enfants seraient ravis.
3. J’aurais aimé venir.
4. Mille sept cent vingt-cinq.
5. Cette chambre est toute petite.
6. Ce vin est plutôt bon.
7. Voici la ville où nous avons longtemps vécu.

Translate in French :
1. The cupboard is very practical.
2. 965.
3. If I knew what he wants for Christams, I would buy it gladly.
4. They could have made an effort !
5. You can go where you want with this new car.
6. She’d like a new necklace for her birthday.
7. He should have seen a doctor.
8. Could you help me, please ?

Volontiers : gladly.

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