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Bonjour !

That means Hello in French but you know that. But, if you want to know much more about the French language, then this free website is for you! It will allow you to go from knowing very little French, to progressing through many levels at your own pace. You will follow the family of Marie, Jean, and their two children, through basic everyday life adventures; and, in the process, naturally acquire an aptitude for reading, writing, and speaking French!

How often do I have to work ?

How often you work is your choice. It is best to spend time each day on a short lesson or two. But, who can make this sort of commitment? Actually, spending just twice or three days a week on a few lessons, will be a comfortable pace for you. If you can stick to that schedule, we promise that you will see great strides in acquiring the French language!

Along with deciding how often to study, another decision you will make is determining how much time you want to dedicate to learning GRAMMAR. You may pick up French grammar naturally, or you may choose to have a deeper understanding of French grammar. And so, depending on your interest, grammar lessons are also provided and available for you to review!

On this website

You will be taught using a lot of different, funny, practicle and free lessons, with really useful informations to speak properly and connect with French people. We are going to teach you the real French, the one we speak when we’re together, or with our kids, our family, our friends, at home, at work, and everywhere… if it’s not enough, if you want to go further, we’ll be here too.

Introduction is here to present the basics of French language before you start discovering the Beginner dialogues.

Beginner1 welcomes everybody. You’ve never learn French before ? Of course, that's where you want to begin. You’ve been taught French before but you’re not exactly sure of what you remember ? Beginner1 is for you too.

At the end of Beginner1, you’ll have the skills of a good 1st year student and you will be invited to start Beginner2. That’s where you’re going to discover past and futur tenses.

At the end of Beginner2, nobody will ever dare calling you a beginner anymore. You should be able to manage by yourself in France. What would be the best is too keep going, keep learning because the French language still has some secrets to reveal at this point. Intermediate will be waiting for you.

Advanced level will propose a totally different way to work. You’ll have at your disposal a great amount of various documents : audio, texts, comics, songs. We’ll try to get all the secrets of French language together.

Step by step…

…not too fast, one step at a time. That’s our motto. Don’t be surprise if you’ll read it quite often.

Have a great time learning French. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.
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