- Quand j’étais petit, vers 7-8 ans, j’étais très souvent malade, moi aussi.
- Qui s’occupait de toi ?
- Ton grand-père et ta grand-mère s’occupaient de moi. Ils appelaient le docteur quand j’étais malade.
- Tu habitais où ?
- J’habitais dans une grande maison à Sèvres.
- Tu allais à l’école ?
- Bien sûr j’allais à l’école tous les jours.
- Tu aimais l’école ?
- Pour dire vrai, non, je n’aimais pas l’école.
- Ah bon ? Moi j’adore l’école !
- When I was young, around 7-8 years old, I was often sick, too.
- Who was taking care of you ?
- Your grandpa and your grandma were taking care of me. They were calling the docteur when I was sick.
- Where were you living ?
- I was living in a big house at Sèvres.
- You were going to school ?
- Of course I was. Every day.
- Did you like school ?
- To tell the truth, no, I didn’t like school.
- Is that so ? I just love school !
Appeler : to call.
We have the imparfait tense again in this lesson (again expressing habits) but with other verbs.
Ils s’occupaient, ils appelaient, tu habitais, tu allais, j’aimais.

You may notice it is always the same way to conjugate a verb at the imparfait tense. Even a very irregular and sometimes difficult verb as aller is easy to conjugate at this tense !
Translate the whole dialogue in English :

- Quand j’étais petit, j’allais à l’école primaire à Paris mais je n’aimais pas l’école.
- Pourquoi ?
- J’étais souvent malade.
- Qui s’occupait de toi ?
- Mes parents s’occupaient de moi.

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