Lesson 40 : you almost are at the end of Begginer 2. You are now really advanced in learning French…
What did we learn in the last nine lessons ?

We met a great amount of new vocabulary and you know enough to say a lot of things !
You also know more things about French people.
And you are now used to listen French sentences, even the fastest ones.

In these lessons, you’ve heard about a lot of little but useful points such as asking for someone’s age, stressed pronouns or relative pronoun dont, past infinitive, how to express alternative with either…either.

No use to sum up all these little grammatical points here. It’s better for you now to exercise at using all them…

Next lessons won’t be too grammatical neither.
We will travel with Marie and Jean and it will be for you a good occasion to discover nice French places and to learn very useful sentences (such as how to reserve an hotel room, how to buy tickets, how to adress a person at the reception and so on…).
Translate in English :
1. Viens avec moi.
2. Quel âge as-tu ? — J’ai 26 ans. Et toi ?
3. J’aimerais avoir un nouveau collier.
4. C’est la fille dont je t’ai parlé.
5. C’est lui !
6. Venez vous asseoir ici.
7. Bonne année !
8. Je ne suis pas mécontente de te voir.

Translate in French :
1. I will take either some salmon or some chicken.
2. My daughter is 10.
3. Come and see !
4. He’s a man I know nothing about.
5. I won.
6. I’d like to meet your mother.
7. She’d want a new car.

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