- Nous ne pouvons pas rentrer à Paris sans avoir vu la cathédrale de Reims et sa célèbre statue de l’Ange au sourire.
- Son architecture gothique et ses vitraux aussi sont passionnants.
- Je ne suis pas spécialiste mais je sais que c’est là qu’un grand nombre de rois ont été sacrés.
- Entrons dans la nef. Les enfants. Lorsqu’on rentre dans une église ou une cathédrale, on doit garder le silence. Chut.
- We can’t go home without having seen the Cathédrale de Reims and it’s famous Smiling angel statue.
- Its gothique architecture and its stained glass windows are fascinating too.
- I’m not a specialist but I know it’s the place where a great amount of Kings have been crowned.
- Let’s enter the nave. Kids. When we enter a church or a cathedral, we have to keep quiet. Shush.
Ont été sacrés is a passive construction. We will explain that point of grammar in the level Intermediate.

Some French nouns have an irregular plural : un vitrail, des vitraux.
The ending -ail changes to -aux in the plural.
Cathédrale (fém.) : cathedral.
Statue (fém.) : statue.
Ange (masc.) : angel.
Sourire (masc.) : smile.
Architecture (fém.) : architecture.
Gothique : gothic.
Vitrail (masc.) : stained glass windows.
Passionnant : fascinating.
Spécialiste (masc. et fém.) : specialist.
Grand nombre, grande quantité : great amount.
Roi (masc.) : king.
Nef (fém.) : nave.
Eglise (fém.) : church.
Silence (masc.) : silence.
Chut : shush.
Avoir vu is a past infinitive.
The past infinitive is a compound conjugation, which means it has two parts:
infinitive of the auxiliary verb (either avoir or être) then the past participle of the main verb.
We will explain you later how and when to use it.

Lorsque is a temporal word that means when. It can be replaced by quand.
When lorsque is followed by a word that begins with a voyel, we drop the last e.
That’s why in this lesson, we have the sentence :
Lorsqu’on rentre dans une église, …
Notre-Dame de Reims is the Roman Catholic cathedral of Reims, where the kings of France were crowned. The three portals are laden with statues and statuettes, including the famous Smiling Angel. The inside of cathedral is 138.75 m (about 455 ft) long, 30 m (approx. 98 feet) wide in the nave, and 38 m (about 125 feet) high in the centre. It comprises a nave with aisles, transepts with aisles, a choir with double aisles, and an apse with ambulatory and radiating chapels. It has interesting stained glass ranging from the 13th to the 20th century. The rose window over the main portal and the gallery beneath are of rare magnificence.

Translate in English :
1. La cathédrale de Reims a de très beaux vitraux.
2. Dans une église, on doit garder le silence.
3. Son architecture gothique est passionnante.

Translate in French :
1. The Queen is crowned.
2. I’m not a specialist but I know that.
3. The Smiling Angel statue is famous.

Reine (fém.) : Queen.

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