- Nous sommes déjà le 24 décembre ?
- Jean et Suzanne arriveront bientôt et nous préparerons…
- Coucou. J’ai apporté une dinde.
- Les voilà. Moi j’ai tout le reste. Au travail ! Il faudra ouvrir les huîtres.
- Je les ouvrirai.
- Il faudra mettre le vin au frais.
- Je le mettrai au réfrigérateur.
- Il faudra faire cuire les légumes.
- Je les cuirai.
- Il faudra mettre le couvert.
- Nous mettrons le couvert.
- Et vous me laisserez faire quelque chose tout de même ?
- It’s already december 24th ?
- Jean and Suzanne will arrive soon and you’ll prepare…
- Hi ! I brought a turkey.
- Here they are. I have everything else. Let’s go to work. We have to open the oysters.
- I’ll open them.
- We have to put the wine in the refrigerator.
- I’ll put it in the refrigerator.
- We have to cook the vegetables.
- I’ll cook them.
- We have to lay the table.
- We’ll lay the table.
- And will you, at least, let me do something ?
Mettre au frais, means put in somewhere cold. What’s colder than a refrigerator.

Your turkey comes from Turkey. Our dinde comes from India.
Dinde (fém.) : turkey.
Huitre (fém.) : oyster.
Réfrigérateur (masc.) : refrigerator.
Mettre le couvert, mettre la table : to lay the table.
Laisser : to let.
Here we also have verbs from the third group.
For most of the verbs from the third group, we take the infinitive form, we remove the final –e if there is one then we add future tense endings.
That’s true for such verbs as : ouvrir, cuire, mettre
Je les ouvrirai, je le mettrai, je les cuirai.

But there are a few exceptions, about two dozens verbs that have an irregular stem. We already spoke about aller.
Here we have falloir which means to be necessary and whose futur stem is faudr-.
Falloir is an impersonal verb : we conjugate it with only one grammatical person, the third person singular.
So you just have to remember : il faudra.
Most of us, French people are used to say frigo as you say fridge. It’s short for frigidaire which is a old brand of refrigerator.
Translate in French :
1. Je mettrai le vin au réfrigérateur.
2. Nous ouvrirons les huîtres et nous cuirons le poisson.

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