Lesson 20 of Begginer 2 ! Already ! You are well-advanced in French now !!!
What did we see since lesson 10 ?

These lessons were for most of them rehearsal lessons with only a few points of grammar.
They allowed you to follow Marie and Jean’s adventures and by listening to them to familiarize yourself with French sentences.

In these lessons we meet a lot of new vocabulary : some of the human body parts, the seasons, the mathematics vocabulary.

You also discovered useful expressions as avoir besoin de and ne…plus.

We spoke about a more formal and correct way to ask questions by inverting subject and verb and sometimes repeating subject with a pronoun.

And we met for the first time the future tense with the near future which is very useful in everyday life.

Next ten lessons will be dedicated to the future tense and the preparation of a really important event : Christmas.
Translate in English :
1. Je vais aller au musée.
2. A quoi penses-tu ?
3. 7,50 + 2,50 = 10.
4. Le docteur va examiner mon cœur et mes poumons.
5. Ils ont mis leur manteau et leurs gants.
6. Quand le docteur vient-il ?
7. Au printemps, il y a beaucoup de jolies fleurs.

Translate in French :
1. They forgot to take their snack.
2. The florist has not red roses anymore.
3. Does your knee hurt ?
4. I need a medicine for my stomach.
5. I like spring and summer but I hate fall and winter.
6. 17 — 5 = 12
7. Here is your change. 13,50 euros.
8. I’m going to make a good chocolate cake. © 2010–