- Regarde les arbres. Ils ont perdu toutes leurs feuilles.
- Oui, nous sommes en automne et c’est bientôt l’hiver. - Les enfants courent dans tous les sens. Les enfants où allez-vous ?
- Tu as peur qu’ils se perdent ?
- Il n’ont pas mis leurs gants. Il est plus prudent d’en mettre. Il fait à peine 6°.
- Nous allons aussi fermer leurs manteaux.
- Les enfants revenez !
- Look at the trees. They lost all their leaves.
- Yes, it’s autumn and it’ll be winter soon.
- The children are running everywhere. Kids, where are you going ?
- Are you afraid they get lost ?
- They didn’t put they gloves on. It’s wiser to put on glove. barely 6° out there.
- We are closing their coats too.
- Kids, come back !
Arbre (masc.) : tree.
Perdre : to loose.
Automne (masc.) : autumn, fall.
Hiver (masc.) : winter.
Courir : to run.
Se perdre : to get lost.
Gant (masc.) : glove.
Prudent, prudente : wise, careful.
A peine : hardly, barely.
Fermer : to close.
Revenir : to come back.
Let’s talk about seasons.
In this lesson, you met automne (autumn) and hiver (winter).
Here the followings seasons : we say printemps for spring and été for summer.

Leurs is the possessive determinant corresponding to their.
Gender doesn’t change for this word but number does. You say leur if the owner has only one of the thing we’re speaking about, and you say leurs if he owns two or more.

leurs feuilles (each tree owns lots of leaves)
leurs gants (each kid owns two gloves)
leur manteau (each kid owns one coat)
The Bois de Boulogne is a park located along the western edge of Paris, near the suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt and Neuilly-sur-Seine The Bois de Boulogne covers an area of 8.459 km².
Click on the picture to see it in full size.

Read the vocabulary below and try to catch it in this short talk about the Bois de Boulogne.

Chasse (fém.) : hunting.
Chêne (masc.) : oak tree.
Vélo (masc.) : bicycle.

What do you understand ?

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