Here we are… Last lesson in Beginner 1.
We made quite a way together !

What do you know in French at this point ?

  • You know how to introduce yourself and to speak about your family.
  • You know to make declarative, interrogative and imperative sentences. You know negative form too.
  • You know the determinants : articles such as le, las, les, un, une, des and determinants such as mon, ton, son or ce, cette, ces.
  • You know important rules about adjectives : how they agree with the noun, how some of them change at feminine or plural form. You know how to use the comparative and the superlative forms. And you heard a little about their position before or after the noun they go with.
  • You know how to conjugate être, avoir, pouvoir, savoir and every –er verb (first group) in the present tense.

What about looking right now to some other and really useful verbs such as prendre, vouloir, aller, mettre and voir ?

(to take)

(to want)

(To go)

(to put on)

(to see)

Je prends

Je veux

Je vais

Je mets

Je vois

Tu prends

Tu veux

Tu vas

Tu mets

Tu vois

Il prend

Il veut

Il va

Il met

Il voit

Nous prenons

Nous voulons

Nous allons

Nous mettons

Nous voyons

Vous prenez

Vous voulez

Vous allez

Vous mettez

Vous voyez

Ils prennent

Ils veulent

Ils vont

Ils mettent

Ils voient

  • And you met a lot of words (almost 400) which allow you to speak about lots of things, in really different domains, such as work, children, food and so on.

In Beginner 2 we’ll go further but following the same way.

Let's see what happens to Marie, Jean and their families. That will allow us to meet other words, other verbs, other tenses (past and future). With them we’ll continue to discover French civilization, French art and French way of life.

Are you ready to keep going learning french with them !

Translate in English
1. Bonjour. Je m’appelle Laure, j’ai 18 ans.
2. Mon fils s’appelle Paul.
3. Cette petite fille est jolie.
4. Où est ma fourchette ?
5. Je veux de la salade et du vin.
6. Tu as eu une mauvaise note. La pire de toutes.
7. Ce gâteau au chocolat est meilleur que cette tarte aux pommes.
8. Nous savons nager.
9. Ce petit garçon qui s’appelle Nicolas est gentil.

Translate in French
1. Do you want any milk with your cereals ?
2. I like teaching history.
3. It’s difficult to buy a big appartement in Paris.
4. These red flowers are very beautiful but they are expensive too.
5. Firemen have a tall grey ladder.
6. Tomorrow we’re going to the zoo.
7. The woman who sells flowers is very pretty.
8. My bag is under the small black table. © 2010–