Here we are. Last lesson in Intermediate. Last lesson with Marie and Jean, and their kids.

Let’s sum up quickly what we just recently saw :
- We had a few civilization notes about food, wines, French weddings.
- We learnt quite a lot of new words or new expressions, formal and familiar ones.
- Of course we had some grammar lessons : for example, we discovered together the plus-que-parfait and the participe présent.

You now have an interesting level in French study and you can understand us very well. You worked on every important tenses, on every essential grammar points and learnt a lot of vocabulary.

What’s important now is to read French, to listen to French, to get used to it.

Advanced lessons will help by providing you songs to listen to, comics to read and famous texts from French literature and poetry to discover. All these documents will be explained, commented. They will allow you to improve your comprehension, your vocabulary and to work on other peculiar grammar points.
Translate in English :
1. J’avais pensé que tu voudrais venir.
2. Je pense encore à lui.
3. Je m’étais acheté une écharpe bleu ciel.
4. Tu t’en sors ?
5. Sachant qu’elle pleure toujours, je ne m’inquiète pas.
6. Elle est partie tout en sachant qu’elle lui faisait de la peine.
7. Ils n’avaient pas encore acheté son cadeau d’anniversaire.

Translate in French :
1. If you had come, you’d seen the best show ever.
2. He came again.
3. This dark grey dress really fits you.
4. I can still hear her singing her favourite song.
5. They were crying expecting for her return.
6. While talking, he was looking for his keys.

Écharpe (fém.) : scarf.
Soie (fém.) : silk.
S’inquiéter : to worry.
Faire de la peine : to hurt.
Spectacle (masc.) : show.

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