- Vous avez choisi des petites tables ou une grande table ?
- Vous verrez la semaine prochaine.
- Tu nous montres ta robe ?
- Ah certainement pas ! Il va falloir attendre la semaine prochaine.
- Qu’avez-vous choisi pour le repas ?
- C’est un secret, ça.
- Tu vas changer de nom, Marie ?
- Non, je compte garder mon nom de jeune fille.
- Ah bon ?
- C’est vrai qu’on en a pas parlé jusqu’ici.
- Non, en effet. Tu comptais me mettre au courant ou…
- Oui, évidemment. C’est quand même à moi de prendre la décision, on est d’accord ?
- Oui. Oui. Oui, on est d’accord. Et pour Victor ?
- On va vous laisser.
- On va y aller.
- A la semaine prochaine.
- Did you choose small or large tables ?
- You’ll have to wait until next week !
- Can you show us your dress ?
- Certainly not ! You’ll have to wait until next week !
- What did you choose for the diner ?
- That’s a secret.
- Are you going to change your name, Marie ?
- No, I intend to keep my maiden name.
- Really ?
- It’s right we haven’t talked about it yet.
- Indeed. And did you intend to put me in the picture or…
- Yes, of course. But I’m the one who decides, am I not ?
- Yes, yes. Yes, you are. And what about Victor ?
- We’ll let you get on.
- We have to go.
- See you next week.
Choisir : to choose.
Jeune fille (fém.) : maiden.
Compter, avoir l’intention de : to intend.
Tenir au courant : to put somebody in the picture, to keep somebody posted.
Nom de jeune fille means « maiden name », « birth name ».

In France, a married woman may borrow the family name of her husband.
However, her legal name will remain her birth name all her life long. It’s this birth name that will be asked for every important administrative acts. Her spouse name is more something like her usual name.

But a married woman can also keep her maiden name if she wants to. There’s no obligation. Taking one’s husband’s name is more a tradition.

Nowadays, men can also adopt the family name of their wives if they want to.

People can also, men as women, choose to append their spouse's name to their name.
Translate in English :
1. Quel est son nom de jeune fille ?
2. Changeras-tu de nom après ton mariage ?
3. C’est moi qui décide.
4. Quand comptais-tu me mettre au courant ?

Translate in French :
1. No, it’s a secret.
2. You’ll see next week.
3. Certainly not !

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