What did we learn in the last nine lessons ? Let’s sum up what we discovered together.

- We worked a lot on the vocabulary, discovering of course new words as always but also some colloquial or slang words which can be really useful when you’ll have to speak with real French people ! We discovered a lot of expressions : familiar ones and some expressions including animal names.

- We met a new tense : le plus-que-parfait. For the moment we just noticed how to form it : the auxiliary être ou avoir at the imparfait tense then the past participle of the main verb.
J’ avais réservé, j’avais reçu, j’avais laissé.

- We worked on adverbial adverbs en and y. And we worked on the pronoun on. We had already met them of course but this time we went further and saw more precisely when to use them.

We’re now almost at the end of the intermediate lessons. Let’s spend time with Marie and Jean for the last time by preparing with them their marriage and still discovering French language secrets…
Translate in English :
1. J’avais été à la plage et je l’avais rencontré.
2. Cet enfant est rouge comme une écrevisse.
3. Ils en ont marre d’attendre !
4. J’y vais.
5. On ne dit pas « ouais », on dit « oui ».
6. On nous a dit qu’il y avait eu un accident.
7. Il faut qu’on y aille.

Translate in French :
1. They eat like pigs.
2. Like a bull in a china shop.
3. We’re fed up.
4. I already ate two of them.
5. Are you in the mood for it ?
6. They had come but the door was closed.

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