Here you are. Last lesson of Begginer 2.
You now have a good level and really are not a begginer anymore….

What did you learn in Begginer 2 ?

- You worked on numbers to 60.
- You met passé composé and you know now how to conjugate it at every person of each group.
- You discovered the near future and the French future tense. And you know how to construct them.
- And lesson 41 to 49 allowed you to meet practical expressions and vocabulary that you will use in France to reserve an hotel, a restaurant, to buy a ticket for a visit, to pay with a credit card.

Of course you met a lot of new vocabulary in these lessons. And above all you got more and more used to listen to French people.
You are now able to tell a lot of things about different subjects and you can understand a lot of sentences too.

Intermediate lessons will now allow you to improve your knowledge of French language and French way of life.
Marie, Jean and their family will continue to lead you through French difficulties and allow you to discover better the French heritage, the country with its customs, its traditions, its works of art. You will also of course discover other tenses, other words, other sentences.
Translate in English :
1. Je voudrais fêter Noël avec mes parents.
2. As-tu vu ce collier ? Il est magnifique.
3. Il va visiter soit le château de Chambord soit le château de Chenonceau.
4. Je ne partirai pas d’ici sans avoir vu le musée des Beaux-arts.
5. Il est 11h45.
6. Venez me voir.
7. Serez-vous sages ?
8. C’est moi qui aurai le plus gros cadeau à Noël !

Translate in French :
1. My friend gave me a nice scarf for my birthday.
2. Good evening. I’d like to reserve a table for two.
3. I met him on 3rd floor.
4. I will speak very slowly and you will understand everything.
5. It’s the fifth door on your right.
6. How old are you ?
7. She is the patient I told you about. She’s allergic to eggs.
I will go to France next week.

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