Lucky Luke is a series of Franco-Belgian « bandes dessinées ».

It has been created by the Belgian Morris (1923 — 2001). At first, Morris was both the scriptwriter and the cartoonist for Lucky Luke. Then after the 9th album, he worked with the scriptwriter Goscinny until 1977 (Goscinny’s death) then with other ones. Since Morris’ death, Achdé has become Lucky Luke's cartoonist.
The series Lucky Luke appeared in Belgium and in France in 1946 in the Almanach issue of the comics magazine Le Journal de Spirou. Today, more than 76 comic books have been released. It’s one of the most famous and sold « bande dessinée » in Europa and it has been translated in many languages. The series has also been adapted as an animated television series with numerous episodes. There are also a movie, video games and even a board game. Lucky Luke has been a huge success !

The series takes place in the mythic Old West. The main character Lucky Luke is a wandering cowboy who draws a gun faster than his shadow and fights crime and injustice. His white horse is named Jolly Jumper.

La Diligence has been written by Morris and Goscinny and was published in 1968. In this album, Lucky Luke’s new mission is to escort a stagecoach who must reach San Francisco as quickly as possible despite various hold-up attents and on-board gambling sessions. This album is a really funny one.
Attaquer : to raid, to attack.
Contreforts (masc. plur.) : foothills.
Éclaireur (masc.) : advance man.
Ralentir : to slow down.
Diligence (fém.) : stagecoach.
Dans le courant de : during.
Coucher (masc.) du soleil : sunset.
Cesser : to stop.
Se disputer : to argue, to fight over.
Idiot (masc.) : idiot. © 2010–